Step Wizard Stair Forming System

The Concrete Step Wizard is designed to create any stair in the building code while reducing costs and improving productivity.  This versatile, union-designed system makes stair forms easy to assemble, and makes stringers and risers reusable

Product Description


  • Reduces labor for setting up, stripping and reusing step forms
  • No limit to the number of stairs, tread or riser dimensions and length of stairs
  • Steel pieces are durable, versatile and reusable for maximum savings
  • Stores easily in a 5 gallon bucket for easy transportation and handling
  • Lumber stringers and risers, reused and reconfigured from job-to-job, eliminates waste
  • Stringers go on 3′ centers, providing easy access and straight lumber
  • Easily adapts to form stairs with toe kicks, slopes and drainage without extra parts


Concrete Step Wizard Brochure