Sika® MonoTop® 611

Sika® MonoTop® 611 is a 1-component silica fume-enhanced, polymer-modified, portland-cement, mortar.

Product Description

On grade, above, and below grade on concrete and mortar.  On horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces.  As a structural repair material for parking facilities, industrial plants, walkways, bridges, tunnels, and dams.  Free-flowing repair mortar for hard-to-reach areas.  Filler for voids and cavities.  For underwater application in conjunction with Sikament® 100SC. Consult Technical Service for dosage information. Independent test data is available however on site testing is recommended to confirm performance under actual field conditions.   Superior abrasion resistance over conventional portland cement mortar.  High bond strength.  Compatible with coefficient of thermal expansion of concrete.  Increased resistance to deicing salts.  High early strengths.  Simple-to-use labor-saving system.  Easily mixed.  High compressive and flexural strengths.  Good freeze/thaw resistance.  Easily applied to clean, sound substrate.  Not a vapor barrier.  Not flammable.


Sika Monotop 611 Technical Data