55-HP Yanmar Turbo Diesel, Non-overlapping twin six-blade rotors
The HTX Series 8-foot(2.4 meters)hydrostatic trowel features innovative technology,operator comfort and ease of operation that concrete contractors expect from the industry leader.

Product Description

  • Greater Horsepower -the HTXD6i features a 55 HP Yanmar 4TNV turbo diesel engine that produces 20% more horsepower than the previous generation design.
  • Greater Fuel Efficiency-operating costs are reduced by an electronic governor that delivers only the precise amount of fuel required to meet engine load.
  • SmartPitch control allows operator to synchronize the pitch of both rotors with the simple touch of a button.
  • Power Management senses load and adjusts hydraulic pump stroke to ensure the unit operates at peak efficiency under all conditions. Eliminates engine bogging under severe loads.
  • Proportional hydraulic steering has been enhanced and offers improved responsiveness with minimal effort on the part of the operator.
  • Cruise Control enables operator to electronically lock in preferred rotor speed and reduces fatigue.
  • Hydrostatic drive consistently delivers the high torque required for pan applications and the high speed for final finishing.
  • Ergonomic seat features armrests and provides essential back support. All controls and warning lights are convenient to the operator.
  • Automatic shut-down beneath the seat stops the rotors from turning if the operator stands up while the engine is running.
Unit Specifications
Engine Yanmar Turbo Diesel
Engine Cooling Liquid
Blades per Rotor 6
Rotor RPM 10-160
Path Width 92 in 2330 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 11 gal 42 L
Run Time 2.36 gal/hr
Dimensions & Weights
Overall Length 95 in 2413 mm
Overall Width 48 in 1219.2 mm
Overall Height 57 in 1447.8 mm
Operating Weight 2,100 lb 952 kg


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