Ellis 4×4 Shoring System

Erecting an Ellis Shore is easy to begin simply attach two clamps to the lower shore member and then slide the upper shore member through the set of clamps. When the desired height is obtained final adjustments can be made with the Ellis Jack Wrench. The clamps can then be tapped down to seat them. Then simply drive a safety nail above each casting on the upper shore member. This is intended to keep the clamps from vibrating loose not for supporting any weight.

Product Description

Benefits of Ellis 4×4 Shoring Systems:

Safe & Proven – One 4×4 Ellis shore will support 6,000 lbs. at 10 feet.

Timesaver – Ellis 4 x 4 Shores go up and down faster per project, which means fewer men and time
to do the job.

Versatility – Use the Ellis shore to support formwork for building parking garages and concrete
buildings. Also, in tight spots where shore frames won’t fit. And even horizontally for trench

Economy – Designed to be used hundreds of times, making its cost per use close to ziltch.

Ellis Shore Clamps Size:

Ellis 2×4 Shore Clamps 2.5 lbs.
Ellis 3×4 Shore Clamps 2.5 lbs
Ellis 4×4 Shore Clamps 3.0 lbs
Ellis 4×6 Shore Clamps 4.5 lbs
Ellis 6×4 Shore Clamps 10.0 lbs
Ellis 6×6 Shore Clamps 11.00 lbs

Ellis Jack Wrenches:

Ellis Jack Wrench 2×4 9.0 lbs.
Ellis Jack Wrench 4×4 17.0 lbs.
Ellis Jack Wrench 6×6 30.0 lbs.