Dayton J74 AquaFilm Concentrate

AquaFilm® Concentrate J74 is a proprietary emulsion of unique organic compounds designed to minimize moisture loss from fresh concrete. AquaFilm® Concentrate J74 is economical as a concentrate and is diluted with potable water at a 9 to 1 ratio. As a water based polymer, AquaFilm® Concentrate J74 is V.O.C. compliant and contains a blue fugitive dye for ease of visual inspection during application.

Product Description


Greatly improves concrete workability during hot, dry or windy conditions.

Reduces plastic shrinkage cracking.

Water based, no odor.

Reduces or eliminates concrete crusting during hot, windy conditions.

Ideal for tough situations – when concrete is starting to set before the finisher can get to it.

Increases productivity – concrete finishers can handle larger areas.

Compatible with concrete sealers or toppings.

Provides more time for finishing shake-on floor hardener projects.


AquaFilm® Concentrate J74 helps to produce dense, high quality concrete flatwork by greatly reducing the rate of evaporation of moisture from the concrete surface during the finishing process. This reduction of moisture loss allows time for proper finishing, while reducing plastic shrinkage cracking.

AquaFilm® Concentrate J74 is outstanding in reducing loss of surface moisture during rapid drying conditions such as:

Hot temperatures

Low humidity

High winds

Direct sunlight

Inside applications heated in winter

Low water-cement ratio concrete applications

Shake-on floor hardener or toppings applications

Concrete mixes requiring super plasticizers or silica fume

AquaFilm® Concentrate J74 will not adversely affect concrete strength or durability.

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