AquaFilm® Concentrate J74 is a proprietary emulsion of unique organic compounds designed to minimize moisture loss from fresh concrete. AquaFilm Concentrate J74 is economical as a concentrate and is diluted with potable water at a 9 to 1 ratio. Water based, AquaFilm Concentrate J74 is V.O.C. compliant and contains a blue fugitive dye for ease of visual inspection during application.

Product Description

  • Greatly improves concrete workability during hot, dry or windy conditions.
  • Reduces plastic shrinkage cracking.
  • Water based, no odor.
  • Reduces or eliminates concrete crusting during hot, windy conditions.
  • Ideal for tough situations – when concrete is starting to set before the finisher can get to it.
  • Increases productivity – concrete finishers can handle larger areas.
  • Compatible with concrete sealers or toppings.
  • Provides more time for finishing shake-on floor hardener projects.


J74 Technical Data